Once Upon A Tag (short story) by Anna Adams (Book Review)

Product Details

Book Excerpt

“Once Upon a Tag” is a short story.

“One a.m. Twenty minutes, forty-six seconds, in the Parisian subway.
That’s when David Leblanc saw her for the first time.”

David LeBlanc lives for art. He’s on his way to his friend’s home when he sees her.
Meet Rita. She’s the infamous “Masked Menace”, a street artist, a vandal according to some. Her latest “hit” has shocked Paris. Two entirely different people collide and embark on an adventure bound to bring them closer.

My Thoughts

Thanks to the author Anna Adams for giving me a copy of her short story Once Upon A Tag in exchange for my honest review.
The story takes place in Paris (Oh La La) and tells about two people who expresses their love of art in very different ways. David the preppy art student who attends a prestigious art institute and thinks that should be expressed in a contained “proper” manner. Rita who feels art should be expressed in a free thinking, free- spirited way, that art should be a voice that makes people stand up and take notice.
While on his way home David sees and hopes to apprehend “the masked menace” Rita, the tyrant (in Davids opinion) who has the audacity to destroy beautiful works of art.
I felt the chemistry before these two characters met, they are opposite and very forward thinking in their individual beliefs on what’s right or wrong, on what is artistically beautiful and what is not.

I really enjoyed reading this story, it was well-written and the characters are very well developed. This is story of self expression and taking risk for something you believe in.

In the end the author leaves you guessing and wanting more


“rigid critics who thought on beauty belonged only to the past and that nothing new could be considered as art”


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