The Fairy Tale Trap by Emily Casey (Book Review)

Ivy is ripped from her home and sucked into the tale of Beauty and the Beast. Emily takes the story of Beauty and the Beast and spins an original creative story that’s all her own. The world that Emily was able to create was colorful, magical, and intriguing, along with fast-paced twist and turns that keeps your interest. A Pesky pixie (who I would have loved to smack around a little) despite my  feeling this way I did enjoy the character popping in and out of the story. Beast who goes from semi-gentle to crazed animal , and  teenager Ivy Thorn fighting to get back home. The characters blend well together and complement each other

The Fairy Tale Trap is quick fun read, and it’s nothing like your typical fairy tale.

Thanks Ivy Thorn for the crazy adventure. I’ll be seeing you in The Fairy Tale Twist


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